Additional Services

Flash Animation

With flash animations you can achieve a very unique result. It could be a customized video that demonstrates your product, an advertisement that’s also interactive, or an animated addition to your website that makes your company stand out. It never hurts to add some flash.

Presentation Design

PowerPoint presentations don’t have to be about templates and clip-art. Bullets don’t have to be small stacked dots or cubes. We can build your presentation beautifully slide by slide, or give you your own template that matches your company’s identity.

Consulting & Training

We have the experience and we’ve definitely got a few opinions of our own. Let us bring that expertise to you. If you’re looking for advice on a direction for a marketing campaign or a way to cut cost on your direct marketing we’ll be glad to sit in. If your work flow is in a funk or you’re ready to start designing it yourself, we can put you on the right track.