SWING — Sassy Women in Need of Golf

When SWING founder Jen­nifer Jen­nings first came up with the idea for a wom­en’s only golf league the acronym short­ly fol­lowed. When she need­ed some­one to help her visu­al­ize a brand around it, she came to Lenfert Design. With a high con­trast logo both in terms of col­or and con­cept, the SWING brand begins to emerge as a place for pro­fes­sion­al enhance­ment as well as casu­al fun. With a sol­id logo we pre­pared to tee off with busi­ness cards, launch par­ty event mail­ers, cus­tom domain names and e‑mails, bring a friend tokens, and posters to dis­play at local spon­sor golf cours­es. All of these items help tell a piece of the sto­ry of what SWING is all about but per­haps Jen­nifer sums it up best.

SWING is a leisure ser­vice for women, offer­ing the struc­ture for casu­al golf leagues and social hours. We move past com­pe­ti­tion and focus on get­ting women out of the house to have fun and enhance their golf skills in the process. Women will learn through SWING, golf is acces­si­ble and ben­e­fi­cial in mak­ing social and busi­ness connections.

We’re sure of one thing. If it’s this much fun work­ing on the mar­ket­ing and brand­ing for SWING, the group itself is sure to be a blast.

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