SWING – Sassy Women in Need of Golf

When SWING founder Jennifer Jennings first came up with the idea for a women’s only golf league the acronym shortly followed. When she needed someone to help her visualize a brand around it, she came to Lenfert Design. With a high contrast logo both in terms of color and concept, the SWING brand begins to emerge as a place for professional enhancement as well as casual fun. With a solid logo we prepared to tee off with business cards, launch party event mailers, custom domain names and e-mails, bring a friend tokens, and posters to display at local sponsor golf courses. All of these items help tell a piece of the story of what SWING is all about but perhaps Jennifer sums it up best.

SWING is a leisure service for women, offering the structure for casual golf leagues and social hours. We move past competition and focus on getting women out of the house to have fun and enhance their golf skills in the process. Women will learn through SWING, golf is accessible and beneficial in making social and business connections.

We’re sure of one thing. If it’s this much fun working on the marketing and branding for SWING, the group itself is sure to be a blast.

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