Indiana CPA Society 2008 Conferences

The theme behind the Indi­ana CPA Soci­ety’s 2008 Con­fer­ences was “Build­ing Your Pro­fes­sion­al Future”. The con­cept behind the brochure designs was to use a dif­fer­ent tool to brand each event, while at the same time using a reoc­cur­ring style to keep all Soci­ety con­fer­ence mate­ri­als con­sis­tant.This theme car­ried over to blast e‑mails, cat­a­log list­ings and day-of event handouts.

2008 A&A Conference Brochure2008 Fraud Conference BrochureFraud Brochure Spread

Mar­ket­ing to con­fer­ence spon­sors required a dif­fer­ent approach. Giv­ing poten­tial spon­sors a quick and easy to under­stand ref­er­ence to all of the Soci­ety’s offer­ings. The spon­sor­ship brochure includ­ed infor­ma­tion on each event, a break­down of the spon­sor­ship lev­els as well as pric­ing and dis­count options.

2008 Conference Sponsorship BrochureSponsorship Brochure SpreadSponsorship Brochure Reservation Form