H.L. Holland 2011 Catalog

In need of a new cat­a­log to get the atten­tion of poten­tial ven­dors, H.L. Hol­land came to us for the project. Start­ing with an Excel spread­sheet and a lot of images we were able to pro­duce a cur­rent and easy to update cat­a­log layout.

After work­ing with Hol­land to clean up and orga­nize a spread­sheet of prod­uct infor­ma­tion and clean­ing up and resiz­ing images all con­tent was eas­i­ly flowed into an Inde­sign doc­u­ment. This allowed quick and sim­ple updates as con­tent changed through­out the project. Quick­er and more fre­quent proofs made a more pre­cise and well reviewed fin­ished catalog.

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