Student Membership Campaign

Cap­tur­ing the inter­est of high-school and col­lege stu­dents is no easy task. For the Indi­ana CPA Soci­ety the impor­tance of doing so is crit­i­cal. As more CPAs are near­ing retire­ment age and the Boomer Bub­ble pre­pares to burst, the recruit­ment of young peo­ple into the CPA pro­fes­sion is increas­ing­ly necessary.

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Indiana CPA Society 2008 Conferences

The theme behind the Indi­ana CPA Soci­ety’s 2008 Con­fer­ences was “Build­ing Your Pro­fes­sion­al Future”. The con­cept behind the brochure designs was to use a dif­fer­ent tool to brand each event, while at the same time using a reoc­cur­ring style to keep all Soci­ety con­fer­ence mate­ri­als consistant.

Solutions Summit Conference

Whether you’re try­ing to hire them, train them, work with them or do busi­ness with them, one thing is for sure, busi­ness today is all about peo­ple.” This was the core con­cept of the Solu­tions Sum­mit, a new con­fer­ence devel­oped by the Indi­ana CPA Soci­ety aimed at bridg­ing gen­er­a­tion gaps and address­ing real peo­ple’s issues.