Student Membership Campaign

Capturing the interest of high-school and college students is no easy task. For the Indiana CPA Society the importance of doing so is critical. As more CPAs are nearing retirement age and the Boomer Bubble prepares to burst, the recruitment of young people into the CPA profession is increasingly necessary.

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Indiana CPA Society 2008 Conferences

The theme behind the Indiana CPA Society’s 2008 Conferences was “Building Your Professional Future”. The concept behind the brochure designs was to use a different tool to brand each event, while at the same time using a reoccurring style to keep all Society conference materials consistant.

Solutions Summit Conference

“Whether you’re trying to hire them, train them, work with them or do business with them, one thing is for sure, business today is all about people.” This was the core concept of the Solutions Summit, a new conference developed by the Indiana CPA Society aimed at bridging generation gaps and addressing real people’s issues.