SWING – Sassy Women in Need of Golf

When SWING founder Jennifer Jennings first came up with the idea for a women’s only golf league the acronym shortly followed. When she needed someone to help her visualize a brand around it, she came to Lenfert Design. With a high contrast logo both in terms of color and concept

Northern Colorado Career Symposium

With an upcoming conference and an urgent need for posters and flyers for promotion, Marie Zimenoff with A Strategic Advantage turned to Lenfert Design for a quality layout and a quick turnaround. The Northern Colorado Career Symposium was attended by over 100 job seekers and individuals looking to advance their careers.

Parlour Business Cards

When hair stylist Jennifer Jennings realized her stack of networking-must-haves (business cards) was running thin, she came to Lenfert Design looking for something unique. Using techniques of foil stamping and

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Gabby Communications

Ruth Pankratz, the owner of Gabby Communications, is an excellent writer. She writes marketing copy for companies, grant proposals for non-profits, and even cleans up résumés for job seekers. All this great texts needs an equally appealing place to hang out.